Become A GloBox V.I.P Member

The reason why we have created a V.I.P Membership for our long term customers is because we are determined to maintain thriving and long lasting partnerships with every business that we are involved with. The cost of this membership is $10,000 + GST per year and with what we have rolling out in the near future, this V.I.P Membership will only increase in value more and more.

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- FREE 1-week digital billboard trailer hire. 

- FREE Passes to any of our exclusive Globox events each year (2 V.I.P Cards per site) 

- FREE Sporadic Social Media Marketing across our Facebook Buy/Sell pages totaling a database of more than 1 Million members. 

- FREE Sporadic Guerrilla Marketing on our digital billboard mounted Kenworth Globox race. 

- FREE Usage of our fully soundproof, professionally fitted recording/podcast studio. 

- All of this and MORE


We like to keep it simple for everyone so there are 3 different campaign types as explained below. 

1. BRONZE (Signed to a 6 month campaign) 50% Discount for V.I.P Membership.

2. GOLD (Signed to a 12 month campaign) FREE V.I.P Membership.

3. PLATINUM (Signed to 2 or more sites to a 18 or 24+ month campaign) FREE 

V.I.P Membership + Additional 2 V.I.P Cards per site + Exclusive offers. 

EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO WCC MEMBERS: Sign up to a Gold or Platinum campaign for our 80%  pre-sale discount promo on both of the 2 new MASSIVE digital billboards that are going LIVE from the 1st of October 2020 and you will receive the rights to renew this discount saving you thousands of $$ for premium digital billboard marketing.

Valid until 31/08/2020 or until all locations are sold out.