Our billboards are positioned in prime inner-city locations throughout Hamilton CBD and beyond to give you maximum exposure to your potential customers.

425 Victoria Street

Located on the round-a-bout of Alma St this high-foot-traffic urban site is situated right in the heart of Hamilton's CBD.

Screen Size: 6144mm x 4096mm

660 Victoria Street

Located on the corner of Victoria & London Streets, this busy intersection displays two of our feature billboards giving maximum exposure to the intersection. 

Screen Size: 5120mm x 3072mm



Located at Gate 1 of the Anglesea Medical Centre, this site features three screens to maximise exposure to passing traffic on Thackeray Street and those in the carpark of Gate 1  

Screen 1: 5500mm x 2000mm  |  Screen 2: 6000mm x 2000mm  |  
Screen 3: 3500mm x 3000mm

Villa Dental

Located off the extremely busy Wairere Drive in an explosive residential growth area. Right off one of the busiest round-a-bouts in North Hamilton this billboard has maximum exposure to passing traffic.

Screen Size: 8448mm x 3072mm

Killarney Road

Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

Knox St Carpark

Coming Soon...

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Gate 1, Anglesea Imaging Centre, 11 Thackeray Street Hamilton CBD

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